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Self-talk for self-healing.

The brain is a black box.

Speech is the key to unlocking it.



What if you could heal the struggles you deal with which are internal to you? Today you can engage in healthy self-reflection, looking inside, outlining your own foibles, failings, conflicts, ambitions, and dreams. 


Self-reflection is like taking a step back to allow you the best option in steps forward. 


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It’s easy.

Just click to voice record your way into self-reflection.

If freestyle is not your thing, choose one of our six topic areas of thought-provoking 

masterful prompts. Then ponder, and start reflecting.


If you have a desire to talk to de-stress and take command over your own attitude, actions and reactions, choose TalkAbout!


What do I talk about?

Be candid and honest.

Begin with whatever is taking up most of in your mind. If you need a leg up to get started read a prompt and that will give you a boost.


For example, when you read this prompt “I worry a great deal about what other people think and feel” at least a few thoughts will pop in your mind. Go ahead and talk about it!


Who TalkAbout is for.

People from different walks of life.

A 22-year-old graphic designer living in San Francisco who was born in Syria and fled as a child with her family.  She is battling drug addiction and abandonment issues and is using the app to share her narratives with counselors.



A 42-year-old retired platoon commander in Minneapolis who was deployed numerous times in Afghanistan. He went from being a carefree individual with a positive outlook to living with PTSD, with harsh thoughts, feelings, and impulses he cannot avoid. He uses the app as his go-to confidant.



A 70-year-old retired fabric designer in New York who led an exciting and successful career but is alone. Her kids are grown and husband passed away. The app is a handy comfort she uses to reflect on her stories and she plans to use the content to write a book for her grandkids.

A 33-year-old lawyer in Boston who sees a psychoanalyst 3 times per week and wants to be able to “talk it out” with himself before and after his therapy sessions to get more focused and squeeze value out of each hour of therapy.


Get talking.

Just press play.

Find a comfortable space where you will not be distracted; use a headset to talk and set your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature “on” and start your first session.


For best results, use the app at least once per day. Set notifications so you don’t forget. Let yourself talk for as long as 60 minutes in each recording. 


When each recording is done you will have two forms of content: audio and text. You can organize, edit, search and share them.


Why it works.

By engaging in healthy self-talk about your circumstances, conflicts, life demands, regrets, wishes or dreams you will be lead to self-knowledge and ultimately to correction of faulty thinking, distorted beliefs, and self-defeating attitudes that create or contribute to emotional problems.


Psychologist teach that negative emotions such as anxiety and depression are caused by interpretations we place on troubling events, not on events themselves.  Talking it out helps to understand what situations are troubling or negative.  Once you weigh the cause-effect and lasting impact you will be able to consider your role in creating, exacerbating or ceasing the conflict. 


Clear Benefits.


It is a you-to-you exercise, without involving other people. 

Introduction to Self-Care

TalkAbout is a good first step for those who have avoided seeking therapy.

Conflict Avoidance

Encrypted content that you own and manage.


Complementary to Therapy

Complements traditional therapy by extending an in-person session on your own, reinforces new skills, and provides you with a record of your own content which you then decide to share (or not) with someone such as your therapist.


Annual subscription at $24.99

Avoids potential clinical, ethical, and legal issues of the many internet-based counseling and therapy services.

Use TalkAbout anytime anywhere you feel in need of talk. Just find a comfortable place where you won't be distracted and get talking! 



We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Iasmine Klauber


Tech Lawyer (privacy, security, IP rights); fan of psychoanalysis; personal mission to crack the code of mental health.

Thoughts or questions?

Drop her a line at:


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UX Designer

Empathetic listener; prioritizes and solves design problems with thoughtful solutions.

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